How to Activate a Credit Card & Debit Card Online, By Calling

When you apply for Credit Card and are acknowledged, then you’ll get the physical card by means of standard mail inside 7–10 days.

More often you receive your credit card in a white envelope (standard or huge), with a sticker on the card demonstrating to you a telephone number and possibly a site for How to Activate a Credit Card.

how to activate a credit card

When you Activated your Credit Card on the web or by telephone, your new card will generally be prepared for use right away.

Go through this article carefully, and read the different methods to successfully Activate your Credit Card. Follow the step by step process as mentioned.

Different Methods to Activate Credit Card

  1. Activate Credit Card Online
  2. Activate Credit Card Via Phone Call
  3. Activate Credit Card Or Debit Card Using ATM

Check Below Cards Activation Online

Step 1: Get the Activation Information

  • Check out your card and the packet you received, there is a card activation information is given like website and phone number.

Step 2: Enter the Official Website

  • You need a device like a computer, smartphone, or a laptop to enter the official bank’s website.

Step 3: Enter the Information

  • Now, here you have to enter the card details like your Credit Card Number, Your Name, Security Code, and sometimes you may also enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Step 4: Submit the Information

  • After you entered the information review it once and confirm that all the information you entered is correct. Then, press the submit button and your card will be activated.

Step 5: Confirm that your card is activated

  • After you completed the activation process you will receive an email or call from your bank to verify the activation.

Activate your Card Over Phone Call

Step 1: Get Card Activation Phone Number

  • As you find the official website, there is also a phone number mention on the packet or on the credit card for activating your card.

Step 2: Get the Information Ready

  • You have to get the card details like your Credit Card Number, Your Name, Security Code, and sometimes you may also enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Step 3: Call the Phone Number

  • Now, using your registered Mobile Number call to the number, listen to the recorded service carefully. Follow the instructions given and enter the information using your dial pad like Credit Card Number or Security Code.

how to activate a credit card

Step 4: Complete the Process

  • Follow the instructions and complete the process successfully. After you submit all the details your card will be activated successfully.



This article provides the complete information about How to Activate a Credit Card. There are basic two different methods to Activate Credit Card Online and Over Phone Call. Follow the process as mentioned and complete the process to successfully Activate your Card.

We have covered some popular banks credit cards activation method step by step which you can check in our portal.

You can see both credit cards and debit cards activation method and understand whole procedure of activating cards using the online method, phone call or even using ATM which will make your task easier. 

If you are still looking for any cards activation which you are unable to find on this site then you can drop your response using the comment. We will try to solve it asap.