Amex Card Activation

The American Express also known as Amex is a U.S based multinational financial services cooperation. It provides banking and finance services to its customers across the globe.  It is one of the largest cooperation of US based on the number of cardholders.

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The Cards are also acceptable by Google and Apple wallet’s system. So, having the Amex Card means you are among the popular cardholder of one of the popular financial cooperation of the globe. You can use the Amex card to make payment and transactions within minutes.

But you must activate it before using it. By following the below steps, you would be able to activate your card just by following a few simple steps and enjoy using it!


Before activating the card, you must have to fulfill some basic requirements given below;

  1. Amex offers different kinds of Personal and Cooperate cards. You must have one of them.
  2. You should be at least 18 years old
  3. You must have good credit points
  4. To activate the card online you must have an electronic device mobile/tablet with an active internet connection.

Activation of Amex Cards

Amex offers the activation of cards with the following two ways:

  1. Amex card Activation online
  2. Amex card Activation over the phone

You can use any one of these methods depending upon your feasibility.

Activation of the Amex Card Online

Amex offers its customer to activate their cards online within minutes. It is one of the best ways of Amex Card activation and it is also a time-saving process, below are given all steps to activate your card online.

  1. First, make sure that you have your Amex card in your hand.
  2. Visit the Amex card activation portal
  3. Enter 4-digit Card ID printed on your card
  4. Enter 15-digit card number printed on your card
  5. Click “Confirm”
  6. Follow the instructions to generate your OTP (one-time password)
  7. Enter the received code correctly in the space provided. Click on Submit button
  8. You will now receive a notification confirming successful Amex Card activation.

Activation of the Amex card over the phone

To activate the card via phone please go through the following steps. It will take only 5-10 minutes of your valuable time.

  1. Make a call on following Amex card activation helpline;
  2. Helpline number for local 1800 296 7722 (for personal cards)
  3. Helpline number for overseas +65 6296 7722 (for personal cards)
  • Helpline number for local 1800 732 2566 (for cooperate cards)
  1. Helpline for Overseas +65 6732 2566 for Corporate Cards
  2. Follow the instructions to generate your OTP and activate the card.

Some of the commonly asked questions and queries

while activating the Amex card, the customers may have some of the doubts related to the Amex Card Activation. Here are some of the commonly asked queries and questions that may arise in your mind.

  1. If the card is stolen or lost, please call on the following helpline
  2. 1800 737 8188 or +65 6737 8188 from overseas.
  3. You can use your card immediately after its activation
  4. If you have more than one card you must activate each card separately.
  5. In the case of damage / stolen/ lost, you receive a new card in the replacement of old. You will have to activate your card again before to use it.

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