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Instant loans: so much better than a payday loan

At some point, nearly everyone has a financial emergency that requires cash on hand. If you find yourself short on cash, consider a Mountain America instant short term loan. Our instant loans are an affordable alternative to payday, cash advance, and deferred deposit loans.

Benefits of an instant loan

  • Instant decision and funding—Funds are deposited into your account within minutes of finalizing the loan.
  • Lower rate—Lock in a fixed interest rate of 28% for short term instant loans (compared to most payday loans which range from 196–600%).1
  • Quick, no-hassle process—It only takes about 10 minutes to process the application.

Can I Get a Quick Loan from My Bank?

Banks have many advantages. They offer insured savings, convenient checking, and around-the-clock ATMs. What they aren’t known for is speed, especially speedy loans.

Banks, for various reasons, are cautious institutions that require careful underwriting of loans to assess the risks of default. In fact, during the Great Recession, banks became even pickier, and only in the last few years have somewhat relaxed their underwriting standards. However, one thing hasn’t changed — banks require oodles of paperwork when you apply for a loan.

Things have improved. Many banks now offer apps that allow you to do remote banking without visiting branches. You can even apply for a loan on a bank website. But even so, the period between applying for a bank loan and receiving the funding can stretch out for days or weeks.

Meanwhile, the online loan service companies reviewed here are built for speed. It takes two or three minutes to enter your loan request.

Online Loans are Safer, Cheaper than Title and Payday Loan

Instant loans online are a reality. They provide consumers who have bad credit with access to loans despite low credit scores.

The ones reviewed here are all speedy. You can apply for a loan in under 15 minutes and get the money on the next business day.

Moreover, these loans are cheaper and safer than auto title loans or payday loans. If you take an online loan, paying it back on time may help you improve your credit score.