How to Activate Ancestry DNA Kit

Ancestry is the private company working with DNA science, situated in Lehi Utah city of United States. It offers services related to a DNA test to its customers/users. They have launched a product named as Ancestry DNA Kit to facilitate the customers/users at home.

It is available in more than 30 countries and it has more than 14 billion users across the globe. So. If you are excited to get your DNA test to create your family tree without the burden of lengthy procedures, this product is the best selection for you.

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Before you can use the DNA kit, you must activate it. But you don’t need to worry about it. Here is the complete information for you to activate and use this product.

Instructions for Activation and Use of the Kit ancestry dna activation kit online

Before activating the Kit please ready following instructions to avoid any inconvenience:

  1. Activation will be online and free of cost.
  2. To activate the Ancestry DNA Kit, you will have to create online Ancestry Account. And, to create the Ancestry Account, you will need an email address so if you don’t have an email account, first create it. You can create an email address using Gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.
  3. Create the Ancestry account by visiting the official website at
  4. After creating the account, you will get an activation code; keep that code saved until you don’t get the DNA report.
  5. Each person over 18 age can create its own account.
  6. One adult can create one account, another adult will have to activate another account for DNA testing.
  7. Ancestry will not start the DNA processing until you don’t activate the account.
  8. Don’t eat, drink smoke for 30 minutes before giving a sample for a DNA test.

Activation and use of Ancestry DNA Kit:

Ancestry is always concerned to facilitate its users. They have provided an easy way to activate the Kit online. You can activate it by sitting at home. To activate your Ancestry DNA Kit kindly follow following steps;

  1. Go to

  1. Sign in with your activated Ancestry detail
  2. Enter the 15-digit activate code printed on your collection tube
  3. Your Ancestry DNA Kit is activated
  4. To get a DNA test, fill the tube with saliva to the referenced wavy line on the tube.
  5. Shake tube for 5 seconds to ensure the mixing of the sample thoroughly.
  6. Place the tube in the collection box in your provided DNA kit
  7. Mail your sample, the address is printed on the collection box
  8. You will be notified via email when your result is ready.
  9. Once the result is prepared, you can access your report online at

If you are facing ant issue during the process you can drop a comment below will try my best to solve your issue asap.

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