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Sun Trust Credit Card Activation

After getting a SunTrust credit card, you may want to make instant use of it for transfers, payments, debits, credit and so on. But a new Suntrust credit card cannot be used until it has been activated. As a credit cardholder, after you complete the activation process of your credit card you can make use of your card for so many purposes.

Most Suntrust credit card owners tend to have issues when trying to activate their credit cards. This is mainly due to improper knowledge of how credit card activation can be done.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand the activation process of your SunTrust credit card so you do not have to experience the hassles people go through while activating their card.

Are you ready to activate your SunTrust credit card? If yes you can activate your credit card via two different methods:

  • Activation of SunTrust Credit Card online (through the credit card activation website).
  • Activation of SunTrust credit card through a call.

Suntrust Credit Card Online activation method

The Internet is one of the most modern and fastest ways of getting things done in this recent age. Activation of your Credit Card can be done just by visiting the official credit card activation website.

To activate your SunTrust Credit Card, you just need to have an Internet accessing device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) and a working internet connection to run your card activation process. The process involved in activating your SunTrust credit card online can be simplified as:

  1. Open the SunTrust credit card activation website. You can do this by visiting 

  1. Create an account at the SunTrust credit card activation official website as given above by filling in the following information:
  • Your card Number: It is a digits number that is punched over the face of your credit card
  • Your Address: As a credit cardholder, your address is needed for contact purposes. The address you have registered in your bank account details should be in your knowledge.
  • Your Contact Number: The contact number that is registered with the bank should be filled in here. You should have it with you so you could get the password or other important messages that will be sent to you by the bank during activation.
  • Your Personal Details: This is also needed because your personal details may be needed for a few verification purposes.
  • Your username: This is the unique username usually given by the bank when opening your account.
  • Your password: This is to be chosen by you. It should be a combination of words you can easily remember.
  1. Log in with your username and password.
  2. Then click on the credit card activation option.
  3. After which there will be a page where you will be asked to input your card number details like CVV number etc.
  4. Mark the consent box after reading the terms and conditions carefully.
  5. Then click on the submit button to conclude the activation process.

All these steps will activate your SunTrust credit card. Then you will receive a confirmation message that shows the successful completion of the Sun Trust credit card activation process.

SunTrust Card Activation through Phone Call

Even with the simplicity of the Internet, a lot of people still find it difficult to activate their SunTrust credit card online. Due to this, the bank has also made available other options to activate the credit card over a phone call.

It is easier than the online activation method as you only have to answer the questions asked by the credit card client care personnel and follow the instructions given. The process is as follows:

  1. Dial the SunTrust credit card Client Care Number 1-800-337-1140 via your registered mobile number.
  2. Then select a preferred language as asked after which you start the activation process.
  3. The Credit Card number should be entered carefully when asked for.
  4. Enter your personal information correctly as requested.
  5. Then carefully follow the instructor’s instruction given to complete the activation process of your SunTrust credit card.
  6. You will be sent a confirmation notification on your registered mobile number showing the successful completion of your SunTrust credit card activation.

The Sun Trust bank has given its users two easy and reliable credit card activation options. Now credit cardholders can activate their credit cards in just a few easy steps.

As a SunTrust credit cardholder, you can opt for any of the two above-explained methods.

If as a SunTrust credit card holder you still experience issues with your card or could not complete the activation process due to some technical issues or errors, you can contact the customer support service of the bank.

Get your SunTrust credit card activated today and enjoy further simplicity as you bank with us at SunTrust Bank.

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